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Things to Check Before Taking You Grandfather Clock in For Repairs

Grandfather clock repair is a costly but necessary hurdle, especially when you are looking to treasure the clock as a family heirloom. This is exactly why there are professionals that are trained specifically to handle the repair of grandfather clocks.

However, antique clock repair are not cheap. Repairs could run anywhere from $20 to a few hundred dollars for clocks in really bad shape. Unscrupulous repairmen could also inflate the prices, citing some ‘damage’ that will jack the prices up above what you should normally be paying in the first place.

So before you commit your money to a grandfather clock repair service, here are a few tips to help make life just a little bit easier for you:

Check the external condition of the clock first

Or to be more specific, check the conditions of the environment around the clock. A slightly tilted floor clock can cause the pendulum to swing erratically, potentially damaging the clock in the process. A humid, unventilated room could help rust up core components. The electric field produced by high-power appliances could affect the internal components of the grandfather clock. Simply put, look around you and see what factors could possibly affect your clock before they get to do some serious damage.

Inspect common problem areas next

Sometimes the problem is small enough for you to fix yourself. Misaligned weights of the grandfather clock, a pendulum bob that is too long or too short and clock hands that have locked up are three common problems that can easily be fixed by the intrepid clock owner without the need for special training or tools. Check these common problems out first, and you should be able to keep the repair bills down.

Review the conditions of the warranty

If your longcase clock suffers some sort of damage that is beyond your ability to fix, then the first thing you should do is whip out the warranty form and give it a thorough read-over. The more reputable grandfather clock companies make it a point that their warranties last for years, even decades, and you should not overlook these little things to help save up on money. Check the validity of the warranty, then the conditions that will allow you to take advantage of it.

Know your limits

And last but not the least is to avoid going too far with your DIY measures. Grandfather clocks are special pieces designed to last for years on end, which means that their inner and outer workings are things that only a professional can service. While there are some problems that can be fixed even by a novice, avoid the temptation to completely tear apart the clock to see what is going on inside. Know what you can and cannot do; start looking for a repair service if the problem is beyond your knowledge or skills.

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